AP® Physics C: Mechanics

Course Overview:

In this one-semester college-level AP® Physics C: Mechanics online course, students will embark on a comprehensive journey through classical mechanics. They will begin with kinematics, covering motion in one and two dimensions, followed by an exploration of Newton’s Laws of Motion, understanding the principles behind inertia, forces, and their applications. Unit 3 delves into work, energy, and power, including concepts of work-energy theorem, conservative forces, and conservation of energy. Unit 4 shifts the focus to linear momentum, discussing center of mass, impulse, and conservation of linear momentum, particularly in the context of collisions. Unit 5 transitions to circular and rotational motion, exploring topics like uniform circular motion, angular momentum, torque, and rotational dynamics. Finally, Unit 6 introduces simple harmonic motion, discussing oscillations, pendulums, and the gravitational forces responsible for planetary and satellite orbits. This course offers a comprehensive understanding of classical mechanics, preparing students to analyze and solve a wide range of physical problems.

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