AP® Chemistry

Course Overview:

The Advanced Placement (AP®) Chemistry online course is an intensive two-semester college-level course that helps students gain a comprehensive understanding of fundamental concepts and principles of chemistry. In this course, students will study the relationship between macroscopic and atomic scales, the role of structures in determining properties, the intricacies of chemical transformations, and the significance of energy in chemical systems. They’ll also explore main ideas such as scale, proportion, and quantity; structure and properties; transformations; and energy. This course prepares students for the AP® Chemistry exam.

Semester 1 Concepts:

In the first semester, students will learn atomic structure and properties by examining atoms, moles, and molar mass; composition of substances and mixtures; atomic structure; and the periodic table before exploring molecular and ionic compound structure and properties, with lessons focused on chemical bonds and arrangement of molecular compounds. They’ll then move on to intermolecular forces and properties, which discusses gas properties, solutions and solubility, and spectroscopy. Finally, semester 1 will conclude with a unit on chemical reactions, chemical equations, and stoichiometry.

Semester 2 Concepts: 

In the second semester, students will focus on kinetics, with lessons on reaction rates and reaction mechanisms, as well as thermodynamics, which examines energy exchanges and bond enthalpies. Students will then move on to a unit on equilibrium, focused on chemical equilibrium, equilibrium relationships, Le Chatelier’s Principle, and solubility equilibria. The semester continues with acids and bases, which covers strength of acids, buffers, and acid-base titration, followed by applications of thermodynamics, entropy, free energy, and electrochemistry.

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