American Sign Language (ASL) 5

Course Overview:

In the American Sign Language 5 online course, students will be able to expand their advanced expressive and receptive skills by building fluency and mastering role shifting, which is the use of spatial and descriptive classifiers. The students will also discuss sports, describe animals, and improvise a story. They will expand their use and understanding of ASL idioms and improve socialization skills with Deaf people. The main grammar focus of the course will be knowing the differences between classifiers, learning how to use proper grammar for directional verbs, learning to distinguish the categories within sports and within animals, learning to discriminate between descriptive and action classifiers in the category of animals, and learning to demonstrate conversational skills by improvising stories and using ASL idioms.

The central themes of the course are the levels, formats, and rules of sports; the Olympics and other tournaments; the different types of animals; food and nurturing; countries; animal habitats; board game rules and games; and telling stories about accidents, memories, and embarrassing events. The student learning outcomes of this level are to be able to locate and identify sports and animals by describing sizes, shapes, actions, behaviors, and textures; events and board games; and having a conversation with ASL idioms.

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