Algebra 2

Course Overview:

This Algebra 2 online course further extends the learner’s understanding of major algebra concepts such as expressions, equations, functions, and inequalities. An emphasis will be placed on the use of appropriate functions to model real world situations and solve problems that arise from those situations. A focus is also on graphing functions by hand and understanding and identifying the parts of a graph.

Algebra 2 second semester builds on the concepts learned in the first semester and prepares the learners with the building blocks needed to dive deeper into trigonometry, pre-calculus and advanced probability and statistics.

Semester 1:

In Semester A, students will explore major concepts related to equations, inequalities, and linear functions, including quadratic relations and equations, polynomial functions and equations, radical functions and equations, exponential and logarithmic functions, and rational functions and relations. These topics cover a wide range of mathematical functions and equations, allowing students to understand their properties and applications.

Semester 2: 

In Semester B, the major concepts shift towards sequences and series, probability and statistics, and conic sections. Students will learn about the patterns and properties of different sequences and series, explore concepts of probability and statistics to analyze data and make informed decisions, and delve into conic sections, which include the study of circles, ellipses, parabolas, and hyperbolas. These topics expand students’ mathematical knowledge and provide them with tools to understand patterns, interpret data, and work with more advanced mathematical concepts.

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