Student Assessments

Upon enrollment, students take assessments that provide the foundation for their Personalized Learning Plan. Their Education Team is armed with coaching strategies specific to each student’s needs.

Personalized Learning Plan

Full-time students work with their Academic Coach to design a Personalized Learning Plan that supports their academic strengths and challenges, personal interests, and future goals. This plan includes data and information from an academic assessment, an assessment to gauge their learning needs, an interest inventory, and a future goals questionnaire.


NWEA MAP Assessment results are used to establish a baseline and measure a student’s academic growth over time in math and reading. The information this assessment provides helps inform the Academic Plan for the school year and helps the Education Team form instructional strategies regardless of how far the student is above or below grade level. The insights provided are shared with parents and allow our Education Team to tailor instruction to the individual student’s needs.

MindPrint Assessment

MindPrint Learning assessments provide valuable insights into your child’s unique strengths and learning needs. By leveraging these assessments, parents, students, and teachers can better understand how the student learns best and tailor support accordingly. The research-based strategies recommended by MindPrint Learning empower students to maximize their potential across all academic areas, leading to improved academic performance and increased confidence.

MindPrint Reporting

MindPrint provides integrated reporting of academic and cognitive data and data-informed recommendations that enable teachers and Academic Coaches to address challenges and accelerate student growth across grades and subject areas. Our Academic Coaches are trained in the science of learning and offered continuing education through MindPrint. They use the strategies provided in the student’s MindPrint reports to offer insights into effective time management, goal setting, and problem-solving.

The MindPrint profile identifies a student’s academic, social emotional strengths, and growth opportunities across subjects with actionable next steps.

Academic reports identify how students learn best and connect teachers to the most effective instructional strategies for each student.


Helps to address learning gaps by explaining the reasons for student inconsistencies

Strengths-based approach goes beyond content and guides students in developing a lifelong love of learning

Academic profile provided outlines areas needing support, areas to watch, and strengths to nurture

Academic Coaches and teachers are provided with strategies to support each student’s individual strengths and areas for growth

Assessments Integration

Through a partnership with NWEA and MindPrint, our Education Team receives an integrated report that includes the MindPrint assessment results and NWEA MAP Growth scores. MindPrint identifies which cognitive skills are contributing to student underperformance and provides instructional, evidence-based interventions. This report allows our Education Team to seamlessly determine the best ways to support each student on their academic journey.

Interest Inventory and Future Goals Questionnaire

As part of our Personalized Learning Plan, students will complete an interest inventory and future goals questionnaire. Our educational approach is focused on the whole child, and that means getting to know the activities outside of the classroom that bring them joy and fulfillment. The future goals questionnaire helps our Education Team understand the student’s aspirations and allows them to develop an Academic Plan that will support those goals. If a student is unsure of their future path, it gives the team the opportunity to work with them to develop a plan for their future.

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