Single Online Courses at Holston Academy

Students can take a single online course to get ahead, catch up, or explore an area of interest. Choose from more than 300 core and elective courses in our course catalog.

Level Up Your Education

Students enrolled in a single online course with Holston Academy will be assigned to a teacher who will meet with them weekly to discuss progress and review concepts they may need extra help with. Students work at their own pace through the course, completing milestones and demonstrating mastery of the concepts. Once they finish the course, students will be given an official transcript that can be used to transfer credits to their school of choice.

Why Holston?

Students are able to supplement their current course load with individual online courses from Holston Academy. Choose from a wide range of online courses including Middle School, college-prep, Advanced Placement® (AP®), electives, and world languages.

  • Students can take specialized courses not currently offered by their school such as web design, AP® Macroeconomics, and Business Law, to name a few.
  • Advanced students can work ahead in a subject while staying on grade level in other subjects.
  • The flexibility of self-paced online courses allows students to work at the pace they’re comfortable with and complete  coursework when it works best for them.
  • Students receive an accredited transcript upon completion of their courses for transfer back to their school of choice.

Explore Our Courses

Enrollment Process

Holston Academy welcomes students wanting to take one or two courses to supplement their course load at their current school. Our Admissions Team is happy to answer questions about courses and help with the enrollment process.

  1. Choose your course from our course catalog and complete the Application Form
  2. Connect with our Admissions Department to review the course and enroll
  3. Receive approval from your school of record that they’ll accept the credits from Holston Academy
  4. Pay tuition and sign enrollment agreement
  5. Receive official transcript upon completion of the course

Tuition for Part-time & Single Courses

Part time students have the same flexibility and support from our teachers as a full-time enrollment, and receive an accredited transcript upon completion of the course. For questions, please call our Admissions team at (833) 782-6922.

OptionSemesterFull Year
AP® Course w/tutoring*$1,400$2,200
Core Course w/tutoring*$1,150$1,600
AP® Course$1,000$1,600
Core Course$750$1,000
PE and Health$450$600
Test Prep (ACT, SAT, AP®)$750
Tutoring – 1 hour$75 per hour
Tutoring – 4 hours$250
Registration Fee (nonrefundable)$50$50
*8 Hours of tutoring per semester
**Available for Math or English
***Courses taken with our partners (2Sigma School, GetLit, Imagine Etiquette, Language Bird, TEAM Inc) may occur additional costs.

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