Our Approach to Learning

Our student-centered model of education places students at the center of their academic journey. Our educators act as guides, providing resources, guidance, and support while allowing students to take ownership of their learning.

We Believe in Helping Students Develop:

  • Global citizenship skills
  • Innovation and creativity skills
  • Technology skills
  • Interpersonal skills

We Promise to do this Through:

  • Personalized and self-paced learning
  • Flexible and inclusive learning
  • Problem-based and collaborative learning

Our Core Values

Future Readiness

We are committed to preparing our students for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Small Learning Communities

We believe in the power of intimate and inclusive learning environments.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of academic excellence.

Lifelong Learning

We believe that learning is a lifelong pursuit.

Student-Centered Education

We believe in the power of personalized learning to meet the unique needs of each student.

Our Student-Centered Learning Model

Personalized Learning Plans

We recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach does not cater to the diverse needs of our students. Our educators work with students to create Personalized Learning Plans that incorporate their strengths, opportunities, interests, and future goals. Students can choose from 300+ online courses and can explore potential career paths through electives.

Flexibility to Learn When it Works Best for Them

Students can learn at their own pace, the way they want. They can build their schedule to maximize the times of day when they’re most productive, or make time for hobbies and interests between school work. Our Academic Coaches work with students to help them build their daily and weekly course schedules around the times they’re most productive.

Future-Ready Skill Development

We believe a key aspect of developing future-ready learners is to nurture skills such as innovation, creativity, global awareness, technology, digital communication, and problem-solving. Our student assessments identify ways students can cultivate these skills and the strategies are incorporated into each student’s Personalized Learning Plan.

Autonomy Over Their Education

Students are encouraged to take control of their education, fostering a sense of responsibility and self-direction. They work with their Academic Coach to identify their future goals, and choose a curriculum pathway that will support those goals. This approach prepares them for the challenges of college and their careers.

Educators as Mentors

Our educators act as guides, mentors, and facilitators, providing students with the tools and support to help them achieve their academic and future goals. They inspire curiosity, encourage critical thinking, and provide the necessary guidance while allowing students to take ownership of their learning journey.

Students are shown the importance of being future-ready learners the moment they decide to attend Holston Academy. Whether it is identifying your future goals, nurturing your unique learning preferences, growing through your academic challenges, or developing a genuine love of learning, you can trust in your Academic Coach and teachers who are there to guide you. We love supporting students in becoming independent thinkers who take ownership of their education to be fully prepared to embrace the opportunities of college and career.

Paul Niemand

Academic Coach, Holston Academy

Why Choose Holston?

A Personalized Education Designed for Your Student’s Future

Academic Coaches work with each student to create a Personalized Learning Plan based on their strengths, opportunities, interests, and future goals which is then shared with their teachers.

Flexibility Allows School to Fit into Your Student’s Life

Students are able to learn when they want, where they want. Our students pursue outside hobbies, interests, and passions all while balancing their coursework.

An Education Team Who Support and Mentor Students

Our Academic Coaches and teachers build strong mentor-mentee relationships with students, working with them to support their learning and build future-ready skills.

An Accredited School You Can Trust

Holston Academy has been recognized as meeting the industry standards of excellence from outside accrediting organizations as well as earned NCAA approval and UC a-g course approval.

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