Advanced Drawing

Course Overview:

In Advanced Drawing, students will be reviewing basic drawing skills and the elements and principles of design, while exploring deeper how they are used in art. Students will also explore, in-depth, several different types of media and artistic styles in order to define their personal aesthetic and design their own compositions. In each section, students will observe and analyze various artworks to expand their knowledge of art history and develop their personal aesthetic.

All projects in this course will be an original composition by the student. After instruction and research, students will be given prompts and guidelines on how to create each project, but the final outcome will be unique to each person. At the end of the last four modules, students will participate in either a self- or peer-critique. This is to help students learn to analyze their work and grow as an artist from the input of others.

At the end of the course, students will compile and organize their artwork into a digital portfolio and write an artist statement. This can be used as a record of personal accomplishment or as an application to a secondary art program or job.

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