New Partnership Creates Private Microschools for Families Seeking Flexibility

Top Trend in Education Lets Parents Tailor Education to Their Children

Wellington, FL – (May 14, 2024) – Parents seeking a better education are increasingly opting for microschools which offer a student-centered, high-quality education with flexibility that is ideal for today’s busy families.

The latest venture in microschools is a partnership between Stanza Education Corporation and its network school Holston Academy (an accredited online private school), and bespoke learning center, Palm Beach International Academy (PBIA), that will launch its first location in Florida later this year. Holston’s 6-12th grade private online school combined with PBIA’s learning center offers a suite of tailored services to students including: the flexibility of online learning, 1:1 in-person academic support and a high-touch, personalized experience.

“At a time when students are busier than ever and struggling to fit it all in, families are searching for something better. This partnership with PBIA will allow students to receive an excellent education with balance and without compromise,” said Megan O’Reilly Palevich, executive director of Holston Academy. “Students should have the time they need to fit in school, homework, studying, extracurricular activities and passions — without sacrificing sleep, socializing or their mental health.”

The education landscape has seen a recent surge in microschools, that boast small class sizes and a more personalized learning experience tailored to each student. Being described as a modern reinvention of the one-room schoolhouse, they’ve caught the attention of many parents during a time when public and private schools are dealing with ongoing challenges such as teacher shortages.

In 1989, PBIA was established as a learning center by Joanne Weiner and has become a highly regarded, beloved staple in the equestrian community. “Forming a partnership with Stanza Education is a perfect match for PBIA”, says Weiner. “The quality and rigor of their academic programs meet the standards our families and students have come to expect, and they offer a superlative network of professionals to support this educational model. This relationship will create an incredible impact for students in the US and around the world.”

 About Stanza Education Corporation

Stanza Education Corporation empowers organizations to create small learning communities that cultivate future-ready students by providing personalized curriculum and instruction, streamlined processes, and innovative systems. Our network of schools includes accredited, nonprofit online and brick-and-mortar private microschools for grades 6-12. 

About Palm Beach International Academy

Since 1989, Palm Beach International Academy (PBIA) has been developing self-paced, individualized academic programs for K-12 and University students whose lifestyles, activities and passions require flexible and varied schedules, with 1:1 instruction and small group classes using live, in-person and on-line educators. Our mission is to provide educational programs that foster curiosity, instill knowledge and promote cultural awareness in positive, innovative and caring environments, while focusing on the unique learning styles and needs of each student. Our vision is to be among the global leaders in education by building long-term, multi-generational relationships with educated, principled, empathetic, and accomplished individuals.


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