Science 7

Course Overview:

Science 7 is an integrated online course in which the fields of science are not compartmentalized. Instead, earth and space science, life science, and physical science are integrated within each semester. Semester A begins with instruction on the nature of science.

Integrated Science Grade 7 continues to build on the concepts learned in the first semester and prepares the learners with the building blocks needed to dive deeper into earth and space science, life science, and physical science.

The course focuses on both the understanding and application of science topics. It includes a variety of assignments that help students apply their knowledge of science concepts. Throughout each module, there are multiple opportunities for formative assessment.

Semester 1:  

In Semester A, the course focuses on fundamental concepts in science. Students explore the nature of science itself, gaining an understanding of its principles and methodologies. They study waves and sound, including the properties and behaviors of these phenomena. Light is also a major topic, covering its properties, behaviors, and interactions. The study of lenses explores their characteristics and applications. Additionally, students delve into the principles of electricity, including circuits and basic electrical components. The concepts of magnets and electricity are also explored, including their interactions and practical applications.

Semester 2: 

In Semester B, the course shifts towards the study of life sciences. Students learn about matter and chemical reactions, exploring the properties of different substances and the transformations they undergo. The topic of cells introduces students to the basic unit of life and its structures and functions. The digestive system and human nutrition are studied, focusing on the process of food digestion and the importance of a balanced diet. The respiratory and circulatory systems are also covered, including the mechanisms of breathing and blood circulation. Body movement is explored, including the skeletal and muscular systems. Finally, the course delves into the body systems responsible for information processing and chemical messages, emphasizing the nervous and endocrine systems.

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