Language Arts 7

Course Overview:

In the Language Arts 7 online course, students explore the structure of narrative, develop reading skills and strategies, and practice persuasive writing and evaluating arguments. They also study the elements of drama and engage in media analysis. Additionally, they learn about different forms of research.

As the course progresses, students delve into the elements of poetry and the history of language. They focus on precision in word choice, analyze style and syntax, and understand levels of formality in writing. They also explore various forms of narrative and learn to effectively use technology as a tool for communication and learning. 

Semester 1:

Through analysis of written, spoken, and multimedia texts, students will become more critical consumers of information and of various forms of media. They will also synthesize and organize ideas to prepare structured essays in several different modes, including narrative, persuasive, and expository. Each lesson will guide students in learning and applying specific strategies for reading and writing different types of texts.  A review of basic English mechanics is included in many of the writing lessons, along with a discussion of levels of formality required for different purposes and audiences. This course provides instruction in many modalities, including audiovisual presentations and videos, interactive activities, projects, and discussions. Opportunities for teacher feedback are frequent, detailed, and varied.

Semester 2: 

The second semester of grade 7 English Language Arts online course builds on the skills and concepts introduced in the first semester. Students tackle more difficult texts and themes in Semester B, and the level of analysis demonstrated and required is more in-depth. In this part of the course, students study the English language closely—both its history and evolution, and the less obvious ways it can be used to convey meaning.  The reading assignments are selected to guide students in understanding how language can be used to convey broader themes in poetry, drama, and humorous or satirical texts.  Students continue to develop their writing skills through multi-draft assignments and projects. Emphasis in this semester is on recognizing the multiple levels of meaning that any word or phase might convey, and in writing one’s own texts with these concepts in mind.

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