Japanese 1

Course Overview:

In this introductory Japanese 1 online course, students will become familiar with hiragana and katakana, be able to introduce themselves and others, and talk and write about some basic everyday activities. Additionally, the students will be able to talk about likes and dislikes and describe people and things. The students will learn about numbers (age/time/price) and ask simple questions. The main grammatical focus of the course is how to greet people, classroom instructions, basic expressions and questions, self-introduction, invitation and responses, describing people, schedules, and describing a town and room.

The central themes of this course are greetings, basic expressions, and asking simple questions. The students will be able to speak, read, and write Japanese using simple sentences. The students will be exposed to Japanese culture throughout this course, so they will be motivated to learn and use some basic Japanese expressions in the right settings. The student learning outcomes of this level are to be able to master basic grammar and internalize principles and correct patterns.

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