Honors Hindi 6

Course Overview:

In this Honors Hindi 6 online course, students will improve and enhance communicative competence in the four skills of the language (listening, speaking, reading, writing) through consolidation and introduction of advanced Hindi vocabulary and grammatical structures. Through literature, documentaries, news reports, and other relevant sources students gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of Hindi and India’s culture where Hindi is primarily spoken. Special focus will be on understanding and applying the mechanics and appropriate grammatical structures of Hindi. The grammar topics include but are not limited to passive voice to तो conjunction, adverbial particle saa सा, inverted compound post potion, non-finite participial construction, idioms and proverbs, and conjunctive participles.

The student learning outcomes of this level are to be able to comprehend complex texts on abstract topics; discuss complex information in debates or meetings, analyze the primary argument and supporting details; infer complex meaning that requires a deep understanding of the culture; adapt the language in a presentation for casual, professional, or more public audiences; and correctly apply the mechanics and organizational style of the Hindi language and culture.

Honors credit is granted through completion of additional coursework.

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