Hebrew 5

Course Overview:

In this Hebrew 5 online course, the main goal of the course is for advanced Hebrew students to enhance and expand existing proficiency, confidence, and command of the modern Hebrew language. They will accomplish this by utilizing a variety of contemporary short stories; current pieces of germane news media and world news; contemporary Israeli cultural topics, politics, issues of religion, and secular society; and Israeli arts, film, and literature.

The main grammar focus of the course is to review all grammar learned in the previous levels. The course will address the different types of irregular verbs and sentences such as those which express time; reason and result; purpose and expectation; similarity and difference; and comparison and condition. The central themes of the course are Israel in the news, religions in Israel, food, restaurants, tourism, blogging, and Jewish holidays. The student learning outcomes of this level are to improve listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Hebrew; further develop their ability to communicate and

express themselves; and gain awareness of other cultures, customs, traditions, and viewpoints through interaction with Hebrew speakers.

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