French 4

Course Overview:

In the French 4 online course, students will be able to use more complex linguistic structures to enhance students’ speaking and writing skills with the study of cultural and audiovisual material. Students will be exposed to videos, songs, articles, and other authentic materials. Students will acquire knowledge of France and the Francophone world while developing their communicative skills throughout the course.

The central themes of the course are the Francophone world, French History, news, movies, and society. The main grammatical focuses of the course are all past, future, and conditional tenses; subjunctive; pronouns; and conjunctions.

The student learning outcomes of this level are to be able to discuss societal topics with the analysis of movies, develop critical thinking, support an argument, predict the future, talk about their doubts and feelings, analyze a movie poster, write a film review, research and present a topic, learn about colonialism and international organizations, make hypotheses, create a poem or a song, role play a job interview, and adjust their speech depending on the audience, among others.

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