Freshman, Sophomore, Junior College Readiness Summer Bootcamp

Course Overview:

Our College Readiness Summer Bootcamp will be run by our partner, Dewey Smart. This online bootcamp is perfect for college-bound students who want to get their college planning underway. The bootcamp will span 5 days, with each day consisting of 1 hour of group instruction, 1 hour of cohort discussion, and 30 minutes of 1:1 check-in. 

At the end of the 5 day course, students will have developed: 

  • An academic roadmap
  • An extracurricular/volunteering roadmap
  • A competition roadmap
  • A research/project roadmap
  • And an internship/career roadmap

Course tuition: $999

Session 1 Dates: June 24 – June 28

Session 2 Dates: August 12 – August 16

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