AP® Physics 2

Course Overview:

In this college-level AP® Physics 2 online course, students will dive deep into the more complex aspects of physics using their best problem solving and quantitative reasoning skills in this online course. Through interactive media, labs, inquiry projects and assignments, this course investigates atomic and nuclear physics, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, electrostatics, circuits, magnetism, electromagnetism and optics. 

Students will delve into a wide range of topics spanning thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, electrostatics, and DC circuits in Semester A. They’ll explore concepts like heat transfer, ideal gasses, laws of thermodynamics, fluid statics, electric charge, electric fields, and DC electrical circuits. 

In Semester B, the course continues with magnetism and electromagnetic induction, covering forces on moving charges, electromagnetic induction, and then transitions into geometric and physical optics, discussing wave behavior, interference, diffraction, reflection, and refraction. The course concludes with a study of quantum physics, atomic energy levels, nuclear reactions, and mass-energy equivalence, offering a comprehensive exploration of various branches of physics and their practical applications in the physical world.

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