AP® Physics 1

Course Overview:

This college-level AP® Physics 1 online course is an introductory physics course. It covers many of the same topics as a standard or honors physics course with the added benefit of AP® credit after passing the AP® exam. Through interactive media, labs, inquiry projects, and assignments, this course investigates classical mechanics. Heavy emphasis is placed on problem solving and quantitative reasoning. 

Students will explore the fundamental principles of classical mechanics. In Semester A, they will begin by studying kinematics, covering motion in one and two dimensions. They will then delve into dynamics and Newton’s laws, understanding the principles behind the laws of motion and their applications. The course proceeds to work, energy, and conservation of energy, including concepts of work-energy theorem and potential energy. In Unit 4, students will explore the center of mass, impulse, and momentum, including the conservation of linear momentum and collisions. 

In Semester B, the course continues with topics like uniform circular motion, universal gravitation, simple harmonic motion, and rotational motion, covering concepts such as torque, rotational dynamics, and rotational energy. Throughout the course, students will gain a deep understanding of classical mechanics and its applications in the physical world.

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