AP® Macroeconomics

Course Overview:

This AP® Macroeconomics online course covers the content set forth by the College Board for the AP® Macroeconomics curriculum. 

In this economics course, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of fundamental economic concepts. In Unit 1, they will delve into the basics, including scarcity, opportunity cost, production possibilities, and the different economic systems. Unit 2 focuses on supply and demand, covering topics like demand, supply, equilibrium, and pricing controls. Unit 3 delves into national income and price determination, exploring GDP, aggregate demand and supply, and economic theories. Measures of economic performance, including growth, unemployment, and inflation, are examined in Unit 4. Unit 5 explores stabilization policies and the financial sector, discussing concepts like money, banking, and monetary policy. In Unit 6, students will delve into international trade, the balance of payments, and foreign exchange. 

The course concludes with a practice AP® test, preparing students for their review and the AP® test itself, equipping them with a strong foundation in economics.

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