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Accredited Online School for Homeschoolers

Supplement your student’s homeschooling with online classes or enroll them full-time in an accredited online school

Homeschool vs Online School

Boost Your Student’s Education

When you supplement your child’s homeschool education by enrolling them with Holston Academy, you open up a world of possibilities! Through our part-time and summer courses, your student can earn college credits, challenge themselves with advanced classes, learn something new and fun they couldn’t learn elsewhere, and explore career paths that pique their interest. Holston Academy’s courses also provide the credits they need for early graduation and to meet college requirements.

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Advanced Courses

Looking toward the future? Holston Academy offers a range of advanced electives, honors, AP®, college prep, and Dual Enrollment courses–typically not available through most homeschooling options–to ensure students are ready for the next step while helping them earn college credits in high school.

Foreign Languages

We offer classes in Arabic, ASL, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Hindi, German, and Chinese, up to level 4.

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AP® Courses

Our online Advanced Placement® courses are a convenient way for students to get ahead by earning college credits in high school. Our robust AP® catalog includes core courses, electives, and world languages.

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Electives to Explore Your Interests

Education is about more than just learning…it’s about diving deeper into interests, losing yourself in new and interesting topics, and navigating potential career paths. Holston Academy offers a wide range of electives to ensure every student’s passion can be explored. Here’s a small sampling:

History of Gaming and eSports

Learn about video game tech over the last 50 years, the impact of video games on culture and economy, and the current gaming and eSports landscape.

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Creative Writing

In this course, students explore various forms of writing, including word play, lyric and narrative poetry, prose poetry, and creative nonfiction.

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Advanced Drawing

Students explore art history, different media types, and artistic styles to define their personal aesthetic and design their own compositions.

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Intro to Artificial Intelligence

Learn the building blocks of AI and machine learning, how AI is being used, its problem areas, and AI’s impact on existing and future jobs.

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Full-Time Enrollment Maximizes Your Student’s Potential

Homeschooling certainly has its benefits. However, with a full-time online education from Holston Academy, your student enjoys the same benefits of homeschooling, such as scheduling flexibility and you, as the parent, maintain control over their education. Additional benefits include support from dedicated teachers and guidance from a dedicated Academic Coach, fully vetted curriculum, and a wide range of courses. And, with our school’s accreditation, your student will be awarded an official diploma at graduation!

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Homeschooling Vs. Online School

Considering whether to homeschool or enroll your student in online school? Online school has all the benefits of homeschooling, with the added benefits of academic support, AP® classes, and an accredited education.

Unmatched Teacher and Academic Coach Support

We encourage our students to be independent learners, but our educators are always there to guide, mentor, and provide students with support.

A Robust Course Catalog

Holston Academy offers a wide-ranging catalog of 300+ online courses, including college prep, Honors, AP®, electives, world languages, and many more.


Enrolling your child in an accredited school like Holston Academy ensures they receive a stellar education that is universally accepted by colleges.

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