Test Prep (PSAT, SAT, ACT, and AP®)

Course Overview:

Holston Academy’s comprehensive self-paced test prep online courses empower students to master the essential skills required for success in standardized tests. Students have the option of selecting one of the following test prep courses: PSAT, SAT, ACT, and Advanced Placement® exams. Upon enrollment, each student is paired with a dedicated instructor who will expertly guide them through the course material.

Key Features:

  • Personalized Instruction: Our students benefit from 6 hours of personalized instructor time. Whether opting for weekly meetings or creating a flexible schedule, we tailor the learning experience to suit individual preferences and maximize understanding.
  • Diagnostic Assessment: To precisely identify each individual’s strengths and areas for improvement, students take a diagnostic exam at the beginning of the course. This invaluable insight enables us to customize a preparation plan that directly addresses their unique needs.
  • Practice Exams: Students receive three full-length practice exams, allowing them to hone their skills under realistic conditions. These assessments serve as crucial benchmarks for progress and confidence building.
  • Flexible Duration: With up to 16 weeks to complete the course, students can progress at their own pace, ensuring a thorough understanding of the material. Extensions are available upon request, allowing for additional time if needed, with a nominal fee. Students have the option of receiving a semester’s worth of elective credit. They will receive a certified transcript upon completion of the course.
  • Student Dashboard: Holston Academy provides exclusive access to a student dashboard, offering real-time progress tracking. Students and parents can monitor achievements, identify areas of focus, and stay informed about the student’s journey to exam readiness.

Investing in our test prep courses not only enhances a student’s academic proficiency but also fosters the confidence needed to excel in challenging exams. Join us at Holston Academy as we pave the way for academic success and open doors to college opportunities.

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