Russian 2

Course Overview:

In this Russian 2 online course, students will focus more on communicative skills and integration of vocabulary from the previous level together with the new vocabulary. The sources employed will reflect a wide range of topics related to the breadth of Russian culture and society such as Russian print media, music, and radio. Short stories will be used once the elements of Russian sentence structure are mastered.

At this level students will develop the ability to communicate and express themselves in Russian, gain a perspective on Russia’s culture, cuisine, traditions, customs, and viewpoints. Learners will have more practice listening as well as reading and writing. They will be able to talk about systems of education, describe daily activities and schedules, use nominative, accusative, genitive, and prepositional cases and understand their applications, speak with constructions such as Любить+ accusative or infinitive, ask questions with где and куда, express necessity or obligation, specify quantity, and express time.

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