Honors Portuguese 6

Course Overview:

In this Honors Portuguese 6 online course, students will become familiar with popular expressions, learn writing techniques such as the structure of an essay, a narration, and a description, and acquire advanced language registers (such as business and legal registers). The instructors will foster and support students’ growing ability to identify practices, popular sayings, different accents from diverse regions, and cultural aspects and perspectives of Portuguese-speaking countries. The main grammatical focus of the course is the use of punctuation, orthography, accents, false cognates, paronyms and homonyms, conjunction, and interjection.

The central themes of the course are getting a visa, traveling, handling issues at airports, legal rights, currency exchange, applying for university, expatriation and relocation, past and contemporary history, geography and political systems of Portuguese-speaking countries, sports, art, music, literature, cinema, and important personalities. The student learning outcomes of this level are to be able to structure an essay, a narration, and a description; apply for university; write a cover letter and apply for a job; apply for a visa; and be aware of their legal rights in Portuguese-speaking countries.

Honors credit is granted through completion of additional coursework.

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