Italian 6

Course Overview:

In this Italian 6 online course, students will use advanced Italian vocabulary of Latinismi or idioms, formal business Italian and homographic words to build on knowledge from previous courses to further enhance their communicative skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) and will be able to discuss and debate complex topics with ease. Using videos, texts and other authentic materials, students will gain a deeper understanding of the Italian language and culture. The main grammar topics of the course are

direct and indirect speech, transitive and intransitive verbs, and Italian dialects.

The students will learn to identify and use indirect speech, study and recognize some regional dialects and varieties of Italian, and learn how to use slang and colloquialisms. This course aims to help students understand advanced texts on theoretical topics; discuss complex information in debates or meetings; analyze complex topics; understand the main idea and supporting details of advanced texts that require a profound understanding of the practices, perspectives, and products of Italian culture; write letters and resumes; and adapt, contextualize, and correctly apply the grammar of the Italian language. The central themes of this course are fables and fairy tales, poetry, subject specific lexicon (i.e., medical terminology, legal terminology), Italian dialects, government, and the Constitution.

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