Introduction to Cybersecurity

Course Overview:

This Introduction to Cybersecurity online course dives into the acts of changing, falsifying, or simply intercepting the most dynamic and valuable financial assets and information and how that can be more devastating to individuals, societies, and even nations than physical attacks and wars of the past. The more we democratize access to information for our convenience, the more potential vulnerabilities we expose ourselves to. This can come in the form of phishing attacks to get access to our bank accounts or social engineering to infiltrate highly secure government and corporate networks. It is an imperative that our future generations are aware of how security works in today’s globally interconnected world.

This course introduces students to the foundational concepts, principles, and tools of cybersecurity. Students will learn what it means to establish trust in electronic communications between two or more parties, how data is secured during transit and at rest, how we secure entire systems, and the inherent risks of ubiquitous connectivity. Students will use adversarial thinking to analyze threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks, and learn tools used for data encryption in network communications.

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