Hindi 3

Course Overview:

In this Hindi 3 online course, students will build upon and increase their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in the Hindi language. Continued emphasis on high-level oral communicative skills are stressed through conversation. In addition, the student will develop cultural awareness and become prepared to encounter real-life situations outside of the classroom through in-class discussions of cultural customs and behavior, through videos, and by engaging with authentic materials written in Hindi. Grammar topics will include perfect aspect and perfect aspect with ne ने, present perfect, past perfect, plural oblique, indirect verbs (पसंद आना, मालूम होना, आना to know, 􀉠मलना), chahana and chahiye चाहना चा􀉟हये, saknaa सकना, reflexive pronoun apnaa अपना, to have, and some compound verbs.

Students will learn common vocabulary related to food, animals, languages, direction, travel, weather, and shopping. They will learn how to use Hindi questions to request information and more emphasis will be given to reading and listening comprehension. The central themes of the course are personal and Indian history, culture, lifestyle, community, and environment. The final project might include planning a trip to India, identifying different places in India on a map, and organizing visits to places in India.

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