Hindi 2

Course Overview:

The Hindi 2 online course will build on previously learned materials, diving deeper into vocabulary and sentence structure through reading more advanced texts and interacting with their instructors. During each session, activities with the instructor may include learning new vocabulary, auditory and/or online activities, writing experiences, and conversation practice. This level is more oriented towards students learning how to express themselves in different tenses like the present perfect, present progressive, past, and future. We will do this through storytelling by using phrases that introduce and end stories. 

Students will learn more numbers, weekdays, noun-adjective agreement, modal verbs, and how to form negative sentences. They will also learn modal verbs, oblique singular, more prepositions, and koi and kuch expressions (कुछ, कोई). Students will have conversations about what their peers and their role models do every day, ask and answer questions about other people’s routines and preferences, ask and answer questions about personal preferences and discipline; describe leisure activities, hobbies and habits; make polite requests; and describe things they can do, feel, and want.

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