Greek 4

Course Overview:

In the Greek 4 online course, students will use Greek language freely and spontaneously and understand the main ideas of abstract and non-abstract themes. They will express their personal ideas, needs, and intentions in detail using more complicated grammar, syntactic structures, and stylized vocabulary while employing strategies to respond to several situations. Students will learn about various academic subjects in Greek and their related vocabulary; explore ideas, values, and culture including the influence of Greek culture on Western and non-western values; and learn how Greek-derived terms are used throughout the sciences. 

The grammatical focus of this course is exploring verb forms including passive, active and middle voice; perfect, imperfect, and pluperfect tenses; auxiliary verbs; and adverbs and participles. Students will also practice the use of narrative present tense, study conditionals, and enrich their vocabulary with archaic yet functional prepositions. They will also examine and review comparatives and the four cases of first, second, and third person in singular and plural.

The central themes of the course are Greek influences in other cultures, education, sciences, literature, and social sciences; academic subjects; and Greek-derived terms in other languages. The student learning outcomes of this level are to be able to effectively use different tenses, moods, and aspects to talk about past actions connected to the present; discuss dreams and expectations for the future; express preferences; talk about hypothetical situations; discuss and understand technical topics that cover their areas of study, profession, and interests; and give opinions about current events and news. Students will feel confident enough to speak, converse, or write in Modern Greek with ease.

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