French 1 (Live)

Course Overview:

This French 1 live online course is an introductory course aimed at students with no previous knowledge of the language. The goals are for students to become familiar with French sounds and words, be able to introduce themselves and others, and talk and write about familiar topics and daily life. Students will learn from simple videos, songs, articles, and other authentic materials, and they will acquire knowledge of France and the Francophone world while developing their communicative skills throughout the course. The central themes of the course are identity, interests, time and schedules, family, weather, food, and daily life.

The main grammatical focuses of the course are the use of present simple tense, including regular and irregular verbs, present progressive, near future, and the 5Ws + H questions. Upon completion of this course, students should be able to greet one another, introduce themselves, tell time, express likes and dislikes, order food at the restaurant, ask and answer simple questions, understand and write short texts about familiar topics, introduce and describe their family and friends, describe weather and seasons, and tell what people are doing.

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