Arabic 3

Course Overview:

In the Arabic 3 online course, students will be able to understand authentic passages on familiar issues, communicate on a variety of topics using accurate pronunciation and intonation and a wide range of vocabulary and structures, and to be able to read and summarize a limited number of texts. Other objectives of the course are to gain awareness of other cultures, customs, traditions, and viewpoints, and to develop the ability to communicate and express themselves in Arabic.

The main grammar focus of the course will be understanding and knowing the positions and rules of Hamza, conjunctions of cause and effect, negative statements, verbal nouns, the usage of Idafah, ending cases I’raab, other verb conjugations, and the difference between verbal and nominal sentences.

The central themes of the course are extended family, food, and weather in the Arab world. The student learning outcomes of this level are to be able to talk about their experiences traveling abroad, going on holiday, life problems, further studies, future plans, and expressing opinions (agreeing or disagreeing).

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