AP® Computer Science A

Course Overview:

This online course is provided by our specialty partner, 2Sigma School. This college-level AP® Computer Science A online course is designed to provide each student with a solid foundation in object-oriented programming and logical problem-solving techniques. Through an organized presentation that includes object-oriented concepts, standard logic algorithms, and hands-on programming projects, each student will develop and strengthen their ability to conceptualize and solve problems through the implementation of effective solutions. Using the Java programming language, students will explore data encAP®sulation, class and method constructs, standard programming algorithms, programming methodology, and syntax structures. 

In Semester A, they will begin with an introduction to the AP® Computer Science A curriculum, covering the AP® exam, the history of computing, digital data representation, and ethical considerations in computer science. They’ll then move on to fundamental programming concepts, such as primitive types, object-oriented programming, boolean expressions, and iteration using loops. Semester B continues with more advanced topics, including arrays and ArrayLists, algorithms, 2D arrays, inheritance, and recursion. Along the way, students will learn about Java programming, data structures, object-oriented principles, and problem-solving techniques, preparing them for the AP® Computer Science A exam and building a strong foundation in computer science.

Students will work on programming examples including a minimum of 20 hours of lab work. This course is designed to prepare each student to complete the AP® Computer Science A exam. 

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